The IT coat



zu 111 copy




I proudly present to you the most exquisite coat I have! Yes I like to brag sometimes and who wouldn't when you see this beauty? It resembles a lot with the designs from this amazing brand called Desigual and I remembered how much I wanted to have something from there, and a few weeks later I saw this coat and it was about 5 times cheaper! How could I not buy it? I seriously need more stuff with mixed patterns and textures like these.
Nothing much is happening except that I am working on clothes again , and projects and I am trying to ignore the stress of the deadlines and exams.
Now I am off to see The Nutcracker ballet show :D
Hooray for the weekend! ^^

Wearing: Outlet coat, men's jeans, Bershka sweater, Meli Melo bag, Amanda shoes.


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